About the game

Chaos Reborn is a game of battling wizards in which you cast spells and summon creatures in order to defeat your enemy. The game features an extensive RPG mode where you can seek knowledge, power and wealth by adventuring in the Realms of Chaos. You can join guilds, trade items and ascend the social ranks in order to become a God.

About the game


You can pre-order the game here with pledges for four different reward tiers. Please visit out Kickstarter Page if you want to know more details about these rewards. The estimated full delivery of these rewards will be in May 2015, but if you back us now you will get early access to the game and the special features of each reward as development progresses.

Chaos Reborn: Apprentice
Chaos Reborn:


A digital copy of the game for Windows, Mac or Linux
Steam key, if you wish to use Steam
Early access to development versions
A PDF of our stunning Art book and Game Guide
Downloadable music tracks

$20 Pre-order
Chaos Reborn: Forgemaster
Chaos Reborn:


Everything in the Apprentice level PLUS
Create a rare set of magical equipment which you will own from the start

$35 Pre-order
Chaos Reborn: Wizard Lord
Chaos Reborn:

Wizard Lord

Everything in the Forge Master level PLUS
Your wizard will have a special Lord aura in battle
Select 12 of your summoned creatures to have special Noble Skins
Your wizard can act as a Wizard Lord defending a region in a realm of Chaos
Your name will be in the credits as a Wizard Lord Backer.

$50 Pre-order
Chaos Reborn: Wizard King
Chaos Reborn:

Wizard King

Everything in the Wizard Lord level PLUS
Your wizard will have a special King aura in battle
Your wizard can act as a Wizard King ruling over an entire Realm of Chaos
Design your Realm for other players to adventure in
All of your summoned creatures may have Noble Skins and 12 of them may have Royal Skins
Your name will be in the credits as a Wizard King Backer.

$100 Pre-order
Chaos Reborn: Novel
Chaos Reborn:


An original Chaos Reborn novel by Allen Stroud