Volunteers Needed

We need some volunteers to help translate the game into other languages.
If you want to help, please email contact@snapshotgames.com

New Version Out Now


Epic Bodygear Upgrades

Spend 1000 gold to upgrade your bodygear with the new Wolf Lord Epic Upgrade.

Epic Staff Upgrades

Spend 1000 gold to upgrade one of your Law, Neutral or Chaos staffs to an Epic Staff and customise its appearance.

Realm Karma

This new currency is earned by winning battles as an ally or invader, or by having players complete a realm you have created as a wizard king. Spend it to buy forge crystals or upgrade your social rank.

More New Features

  • Email notification for asynchronous battles
  • Revamped interface
  • Chaos mode option for duels
  • New system for allies and invasions - you can ally or invade from anywhere in the game by actively clicking on a button to join an existing battle.
  • Social rank progress is now determined by wizard level
  • Reward of 100 gold and 1 forge crystal on levelling up your wizard
  • Classic mode battles now use the visual design of your wizard
  • Wizard lords in realms get a buff when facing a wizard with an ally

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