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Guilds can now compete in a weekly duel competition, and a monthly ranked league. These run parallel to the existing non-guild competitions.

For more information, visit the official Chaos Reborn guild forums. Alternatively, say hello on the Chaos Reborn Discord channel, or ask around via the in-game chat system. "Baldr", "GlassJaw" and "RafiRomero", would be happy to hear from you, and are always ready to play friendly matches with new players.

Unstable Voltage encourages you to join our Discord channels

Are you a new player looking for some tips and pointers? Maybe you’re a veteran with knowledge to share? Or maybe you would just love to chat with some like-minded people who share your passion for Chaos Reborn?

Snapshot Games would like to invite you to our official Chaos Reborn Discord channel. You will find devlopers and many experienced players here who are all willing to help you get into the game and arrange matches and tournaments. Our newly appointed Community Manager, UnstableVoltage, will be on hand to provide help, along with Chaos Reborn aficionados like SlipperyJim, MattyRasker, Aka and Gary, with over 10,000 combined hours of Chaos Reborn experience.

You can visit the Chaos Reborn Discord channel.

We also have an official Snapshot Games Discord server where you can talk to the community and the development team about all things Snapshot, including our latest in-development title, Phoenix Point.

You can visit the Snapshot Games Discord channel.

Angry Giant just wants to be understood


Chaos Reborn is now playable in Russian, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. The next release should add Brazilian Portuguese. We would still love to translate Chaos Reborn into many other languages, and we need your help. Especially, a lot of work has been done on the German translation, but we need help completing one last large file before we can make a release.
Do you love Chaos Reborn? Do you speak another language? Would you be willing to contribute to translating the game into your native tongue for others to enjoy?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then please send an email to contact@snapshotgames.com and place “Chaos Translation” and the languages you speak in the subject.
Julian and the entire team at Snapshot Games want to say a huge thank you to all of the contributors who have already helped with making Chaos Reborn multilingual.


So, Thank You!



Phoenix Point is now Snapshot Games’ second successfully crowdfunded game. This time, on Fig.co, with an initial funding goal of $500,000, Phoenix Point managed to secure a whopping $765,948 from over 10,000 generous supporters.

If you missed out on our campaign, don’t worry! We have a “Slacker Backer” option, which still gives you extra time to pledge. There are still rewards to be claimed, and all of the Slacker Backer pledges still count towards stretch goals.


The campaign ended just $84,000 short of our next stretch goal, a Giant Floating Phoenix Base. So head over to Phoenix Point Fig Campaign to back it now while there is still time.