Name Chaos Reborn
Developer Snapshot Games Inc.
Status In Development
Release October 26th, 2015
Platforms PC / Mac / Linux
Website www.chaos-reborn.com
Steam Store Page http://store.steampowered.com/app/319050/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel
Twitter https://twitter.com/julian_gollop

What is Chaos Reborn?

At the heart of Chaos Reborn is an intuitive and fluid turn-based wizard combat system. You play the role of a fighting wizard armed with a selection of spells and magical staff. Some spells summon creatures but others are more exotic, such as the Gooey Blob which spreads uncontrollably across the terrain. The balance between Law and Chaos can be altered to your advantage, or you can cast illusions to deceive your adversaries. It’s a game of bluff, tactics and calculated risks with nail-biting decisions from one turn to the next.


* Realm quest mode - single player exploration of different realms protected by wizard lords and kings
* Realm co-op mode - invite a friend to join you in battle
* Multiplayer games - 2-4 players, 2 vs 2 co-op battles, equipped mode or classic chaos mode
* Multiplayer league competition with one season per month, with separate competitions for equipped and classic mode
* Live games or asynchronous play
* More than 50 spells
* 12 types of wizard staffs, 3 types of bodygear
* 100 talismans with various effects to power up your staffs and bodygear
* 7 different battlefield environments
* Procedurally generated realms
* Realms designed by players who have reached the wizard king rank
* Forgemaster tools for designing your own equipment



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Logo Snapshot_Games
Logo Chaos Reborn

Interesting Facts

* Chaos Reborn is based on an earlier Gollop classic called ‘Chaos: The Battle of Wizards’ originally published in 1985 by Games Workshop: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos:_The_Battle_of_Wizards
* The game was funded on Kickstarter on April 17th, 2014 with over $210k raised.
* The development studio is based in Sofia Bulgaria
* The co-founder of Snapshot Games is David Kaye who runs the Gaming Insiders network

About the Developers

Julian Gollop is a veteran designer of 30 years, best known for the X-COM games and cult 8-bit classics such as Chaos and Laser Squad. He has lived in Sofia, Bulgaria since 2005 and has worked for Ubisoft Sofia as a game designer and producer on titles such as Ghost Recon Shadow Wars and Assassin’s Creed Liberation.

Sergey Georgiev is our technical director with 10 years coding experience, most recently on Crytek Black Sea’s Arena of Fate MOBA.

Borislav Bogdanov is our Art Director with 8 years experience at Ubisoft Sofia, working as lead artist on Ghost Recon Shadow Wars and Assassin’s Creed Liberation, Black Flag and Rogue.

Stoiko Todorov is a senior programmer, previously working at Haemimont Studios and his own indie project.

Nikolai Loukianov is our lead animator, previously working at Crytek Black Sea on Arena of Fate

Svetoslav Petrov is our concept artist with many published artworks in board games, comics and video games.

Miron Mironov is a programmer who previously worked at Ubisoft Sofia.

Dimitar Dimitrov is an associate producer who has previously worked at Ubisoft Sofia and Gameloft Sofia.